The Taffetas

Dinner Theater Show
at the Hilton Garden Inn

By Rick Lewis
Directed by Kory Yamada

January 19-21, 2017

A tribute to the girl groups of the 1950’s, The Taffetas pay tribute to the sounds of The McGuire Sisters, The Fontane Sisters and The Chordettes. The Taffetas made nostalgia what it is today! Spend and hour and a half with The Taffetas and their live three piece band and remember what Sunday night television was like on your 12 inch black and white!

  • Cast

    Peggy Meghan Knowles
    Kaye Michelle Martinson
    Donna Holly Perli
    Cheryl Kory Yamada
    Piano Vonnie Houchin
    Bass Joshua Kenner
    Drums Jamie Houchin
  • Crew

    Director/Musical Director Kory Yamada
    Asst. Musical Director Vonnie Houchin
    Stage Manager Margaret Bader
    Costume Designer Libby Williams
    Sound and Lights John Easton
    Choreographer Alyssa Record
    Props Master Shaye Krcil
    Light Operator John Bader