The Santaland Diaries

A Shadow Show in the Studio Theater

By David Sedaris

December 17-19, 2015

Welcome to this wicked wonderland and expose of all things elfin. Out of work and middle-aged, a writer in need of holiday cash decides to employ his gift for insightful observation in the trade of elfdom at Macy’s Department Store. Besieged by bratty kids with overzealous parents and donning a humiliating costume, he finds that his cynical self and his elfin alter ego are not exactly compatible. His remedy for the saccharine overdose he endures in his never-endingly exuberant job is to tell all – giving us a backstage pass to the secret lives of Santas and elves.

  • Cast

    Crumpet Justin Speck
  • Crew

    Scenic Design Luke Granholm
    Cody Juttelstad
    Justin Speck
    Light Design Luke Granholm