The Lion in Winter

The-Lion-in-WinterA Drama in the Studio Theater

By James Goldman

Feb. 10 – 26

Twelfth century England is set ablaze in this fiery and articulate production of family strife and competing ambitions. Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine maneuver against each other to position their favorite son for the throne. This intriguing play bristles with keen historical insight, psychological drama and potent wit.

(adult situations & mild language)


  • Cast

    Henry II Gary Thoreson
    Alias Haley Jones
    John Zane Murphy
    Geoffrey Jeffrey Alan Smith
    Richard David Gross
    Elenor Marcia Kahler
    Philip Rockwell Peterson
  • Production Team

    Director Terrance Rathbun
    Stage Manager Rebecca Meyers
    Costume Designer Chris Lee
    Set Designer Rodger Hartley
    Light Designer Thom Palm
    Props Master John Easton