The Performing Arts Center of Rapid City is proud to announce our Take Your Seat campaign!

Get the best seat in the house, with your name on it!

By naming a seat at the Performing Arts Center of Rapid City, you make a lasting impression and support your regional arts center.  For a one-time, tax deductible contribution of $300.00 we inscribe the name(s) or message of your choice on a plate on the armrest of a seat in our beautiful 800 seat Historic Theater or 175 seat Studio Theater.
  • Name a seat in honor of friends and family or in appreciation of a teacher, minister, or other special person in your life.
  • Place your own name on a seat as a statement of your involvement and support of the PACRC.
  • Place your graduation year, class motto, or class song for a lasting memory.
  • Place the name of your business or organization on a seat to demonstrate corporate involvement and support of the performing arts in Rapid City.
  • Name a seat in memory of a loved one.
  • Name a seat in honor of a production or event in this theater.

Your Plate

  • The name plate remains in place for the life of the seat making this essentially a permanent naming opportunity.
  • Inscriptions will be published in our newsletter and on our website for one year.
  • Naming a seat does not reserve the use of the seat for ticketed performances.


All contributions are tax deductible to the extent provided by law and will be used for operations costs, educational programming, and to maintain the structural, technical and aesthetic quality of the Performing Arts Center of Rapid City.

Download a brochure or For any questions or concerns please contact Executive Director, Nicolas Johnson, with any questions: phone: (605) 716-0616 / e-mail:

“Take Your Seat”

Historic Theater

Adelstein, Senator Stanford; E-110
Barlow, John & Anne; F-204 & 205
Batchelder, Michael & Kathleen; OG-108 & 109
Baumann, Rich & Barbara; AA-116 & 117
Benson, Mark & Tracy; B-113
Bessken, Bruce C123
Bockwoldt, Dr. James; E-109
Campo, Susan; E-108
Class of 1946; AA-112
Class of 1955; E-122
Claymore, Dawn; Box H-104
Coleman, Jim & Chris; AA-113
Dixon, Dr. Phyllis; BB-127 & 128
Dr & Mrs Charles B. Gwinn; C-121–122
Estes, Brad & Deb; G 205 & 206
Flanery, Steve; B-121 & 122
Frost, Jim & Judy; B-115
Fullerton, Bill & Jacquolyn; B-111 & 112
Gould, Mike & Marnie; G-201–204
Gustafson Builders; BB-126
Hencey, Michael & Susan; D-120 & 121
Hines, Susan E.; Box E-204
Huntington, Anna; B-114
Johnsen, Roger; F-123
Kalkman, Steve & Marty; AA-118 & 119
Kickory Family; C-115
Korb, Carroll & Dennyce; E-116 & 117
Kuehn, Deborah; E-111
Kulesza, Mikal; Box B-208
Larson, Kendra; E-117, 118, 119, &120
Laughlin, Linda (class of 1961); E-114 & 115
Lein, Pete & Sons; C-205–208
Lynass, Jack & Lori; AA-114 & 115
McKie, Kristol; AA-120–129 & D-109-116
McKie, Ross & Angie; G-205 & 206
Miller, Bonnie; O-344–346
Moore, Denise; E-112
Pearson, Kay; O-347 & 348
Quinn, Jeanne; D-119
RCS Construction; C-117, 118, 119, & 120
Reed, Don & Cleo; A-109
Reed, Ron; H-201 & H-203
Reed, Ron; H-202
Schleusener, Rand & Karen; C-109
Schmidt, Dave Insurance Agency, Inc.; F-201 & 202
Scholbe,Deborah; B-116
Senftner, Dan; B-119 & 120
Speck, Velma; D-118 & D-119
Tammie Morin; C-110-114 & C-116
Teuber, Larry; H-205–208
Texel, Bill & Carla; B-117 & 118
Thatcher, Graham & Anna Marie; F-207 & 208
Vallis, Shelli M; A-110
Zimney, Barry & Maureen; D-107

Studio Theater

Barlow, John & Anne; C-101 & 102
Brink, Todd; C-111 & 112
Gould, Mike & Marnie; B-101 & 102 / D-103
Gowen, Richard & Nancy; A-109 & 110
Jacob, Gus; E-101
Korb, Dennyce; A-102 & B-105 & 106
Kramer, Rebecca; J-116
McBride, Ted & Mary Linda; B-113
McKie, Kristol; A-101
Olsen, Merritt; M-101
Shining, H. Streeter & Barbara; C-113 & 114
Sutliff, Willis & Patricia; B-107
Wagner, Betty; D-101 & 102
Wilcox, Melanie; C-115 & 116