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2013 Summer Season

What the Good Woman Does Is Always Right

A sweet but eccentric woman sets off down the road to sell her cow. And that’s just what she does – through a series of trades with increasingly comic characters. It leads to a result only her equally eccentric husband could appreciate! Based on the story by Hans Christian Anderson. June 25-29, August 6-10, August 13


A mom with a love of asparagus tangles with a scheming witch…  and daughter Rapunzel pays the price. Will Rapunzel’s unusual hairdo help her out of her predicament? Will Prince Rich help, too? It’s a hair-raising tale, that’s for sure! Based on the story by the Brothers Grimm. June 4-8, July 2-6, August 16 & 17

Nitwits from Neptune

A space ship takes off on a journey through the universe. Who’s aboard?  Captain Nebbish, Lieutenant Overunder, Goniff and Dr. Yipes – the most hopeless, hapless crew to ever blast-off. Their mission is beset with silly disasters. And a Saturnian stowaway is one of them! June 11-15, July 16-20, August 15

The Brave Little Tailor

A guy with a funny name kills seven flies in one blow – and winds up with a reputation for courage that comes in handy for an unhappy princess. A stubborn king and two dim-witted giants complicate the comedy, just for laughs. Based on the story by the Brothers Grimm. June 18-22, July 30-August 3, August 14

About the Playwright

When Kristi Thielen was 10, she learned her family would move to Rapid City. She was thrilled – it meant she could go to Storybook Island whenever she wanted to!  Kristi grew up to be a playwright and SBI has never been far from her thoughts. She has written over 50 plays, nearly all of which have been performed somewhere in the Black Hills, some of which have been published by Brooklyn Publishers and Pioneer Drama Service. She currently writes museum theatre productions for the Journey Museum.