RumorsA Farce in the Studio Theater

By Neil Simon

May 5 – 21

When four well-to-do couples gather to celebrate their hosts’ anniversary, they quickly discover that the dinner isn’t prepared, the hostess is missing, and the host (who is the deputy mayor of New York) has been shot! Non-stop laughter catapults this farce into absolute comic bliss when the guests decide to hide everything from the media.

(adult situations & language)

Directed by Jeffrey Alan Smith


 Chris Gorman  Leslie Hencke Villa
 Ken Gorman  Ben Villa
 Claire Ganz  Michelle Martinson
 Lenny Ganz  Dylan Fleming
 Ernie Cusack  Jerad R. Tomac
 Cookie Cusack  Paula Kennison
 Glenn Cooper  David Andrews
 Cassie Cooper  Jacqueline Ellen Kriebel
 Officer Welch  Tyler Millslagle
 Officer Pudney  Andrew Kapelewski
Director / Sound Design Jeffrey Alan Smith
 Stage Manager  Mebecca Kapelewski Myers
Assistant Stage Manager  Andrew Kapelewski
Scenic Design Ron Reed
 Lighting Design John Easton
 Costume Design Marian Reed
Property Design  Marcia Kahler
Original Artwork  Candi Fender

Production Team