Mary Poppins

September 25 – Oct. 4

By Disney and Cameron MackIntosh

The classic movie becomes the family event of the season! You’ll enjoy a magical spoonful of irresistible story, unforgettable songs, and eye-popping merriment in this delightful musical for all ages. Grab your kite and soar to a world where anything can happen if you let it!

Mary Poppins Cast List

Opening Night September 25th!

Kory Yamada Mary Poppins
Lukas Ptacek Bert
John Dorsey George Banks
Kristol McKie Winifred Banks
Madison Quade Jane Banks
Gunnar Benson Michael Banks
Paula Kennison Mrs. Brill
Mitchell Kovash Robertson Ay
Susan Roberts Bird Woman
Holly Knox Perli Katie Nana/ Sweep / Ensemble **Dance Captain
Michelle Martinson Miss Andrew/ Ensemble
Paul Robinson Policeman/ Ensemble
Jessica Castleberry Miss Lark / Ensemble
Jacob Roman Admiral Boom/ Bank Chairman / Sweep 1 / Ensemble
Seth Goodro Park Keeper/ Von Husler/ Sweep 4/ Ensemble
Richard Rigmaiden Neleus / Sweep /Ensemble **Dance Captain
Andrea Johnson Statue / Sweep / Ensemble
Savannah Johnson Statue / Sweep / Ensemble
Maddie Quinn Statue / Sweep / Ensemble
Tracy Benson Queen Victoria / Ensemble
Danielle Theis Miss Smythe / Ensemble
Cason Brown Northbrook / Ensemble
Cade Herrera Messenger / Doorman / Sweep / Ensemble
Meghan Knowles Mrs. Corry / Ensemble
Racie Little Bald Eagle Fannie / Ensemble
Abby Stevens Annie / Ensemble
Matthew Vidal Valentine / Sweep 3 / Ensemble
Albert Williams Teddy Bear / Sweep  2/ Ensemble
Nic Benson Mr. Punch / Sweep  / Ensemble
Rio Snyder Toy / Ensemble
Christy Broughton Sweep / Toy /Ensemble
Bailey Quade Sweep / Doll /Ensemble
Jack Stevens Sweep’s Apprentice / Toy / Ensemble
Brennen Barber Toy / Ensemble
Jessica Ketel Toy / Ensemble
Kaelyn Yamada Toy / Ensemble
Caroline Haugo Toy / Ensemble
Rowan Hibbard Toy / Ensemble
Rebekah Volner Ensemble
Jill Haugo Sweep/Ensemble
Jeff Babbe Poseidon