Jeeves in Bloom

May 9 – 18, 2014
Adapted by Margaret Raether from the stories of P.G. Wodehouse
Presented in the Studio Theater

The peaceful English countryside may never be the same after Bertie Wooster and his unflappable valet, Jeeves, pay a visit. What starts as a plan to pair tongue-tied, amphibian-loving Augustus Fink-Nottle and fanciful, poetry-loving Madeline Basset quickly goes awry. Soon, Bertie is fending off Madeline’s amorous advances, reluctantly participating in an attempted burglary, and fleeing attacks from a homicidal French chef. With the stakes this high, the solution must lie with the one and only Jeeves! Hold on to your seats as the witty banter, convoluted schemes that go awry, misinterpreted intentions, and physical comedy may have you rolling in the aisles.

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  • Cast

    Jeeves Jeffrey Alan Smith
    Bertie Wooster Stephen Farruggia
    Anatole Ted L. McBride
    Dahlia Travers Marcia Kahler
    Madeline Basset Bridgett J. Hill
    Augustus Fink-Nottle Rhyon Ingalls 
    Thomas Travers David “Max” Maxson
  • Crew

    Director  Terry Rathbun
    Stage Manager  
    Scenic Design  
    Lighting Design  
    Property Design  
    Costume Design