Disney’s The Little Mermaid

The-Little-MermaidA Musical in the Historic Theater

Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Howard Ashman

Sept. 23 – Oct. 2

Based on the classic animated movie, this sparkling musical bubbles to life in this rich and dazzling production featuring the irresistible songs “Under the Sea”, “Kiss the Girl” and “Part of Your World”. Join Ariel and her colorful friends in this magical sea adventure perfect for the entire family!

(some suspenseful moments)

  • Cast

    Ariel Angela VanPelt
    Prince Eric Jason Knox
    Ursula Michelle Martinson
    Flotsam Ben Villa
    Jetsam Leslie Villa
    Sebastian Shapeera Good Star
    Flounder Rowan Hibbard
    Scuttle Matthew Vidal
    King Triton Barry Longden
    Grimsby David Andrews
    Chef Louis Joe Weseloh

    Women’s Ensemble

    Aquata/Jellyfish Tracy Godbe
    Andrina/Jellyfish/Seagull Linda Fromm
    Arista/Princess Jill Haugo
    Atina/Seagull Sarah Morrison
    Adella/Princess Holly Perli
    Allana/Jellyfish Kory Yamada
    Jellyfish/Seagull/Swan/Dance Captain Maddie Quinn
    Jellyfish/Seagull/Princess Halley Benjamin
    Jellyfish/Seagull Rose Lamoureaux
    Lionfish/Princess Sarah Sanchez
    Angelfish/Princess Lex Kiske
    Seagull/Frog/Puppeteer Lacy Thormahlen
    Puppeteer/Seagull Trinity Morrison
    Maid/Duck Meghan Knowles
    Maid/Duck Chloe Sand
    Maid/Duck Skye Hurley
    Maid/Frog Jenn Buell
    Mermaid/Puppeteer Keeza Anne Leavens
    Mermaid/Puppeteer Olivia Perli
    Puppeteer Molly Murphy
    Puppeteer Shalbi Blankartz

    Men’s Ensemble

    Winward/(a Seahorse)/Sailor/Chef/Flamingo Zane Murphy
    Leeward/(a Seahorse)/Sailor/Chef/Flamingo Dakota Perez
    Merman/Ray/Sailor/Chef/Swan/Courtier Albert Williams
    Merman/Swordfish/Sailor/Chef/Flamingo/Courtier Preston Schnabel
    Fluke/Seagull/Pilot/Chef/Frog/Courtier Jacob Ranum
    Blowfish/Sailor/Chef Michael Murphy
    Seagull/Sailor/Chef/Frog/Courtier Jacob Roman
    Sailor/Chef/Courtier Streeter Woods
    Sailor/Chef/Courtier Cade Hererra

    Youth Ensemble

    Starfish/Cricket Audrey Perli
    Starfish/Cricket Kaelyn Yamada
    Starfish/Cricket Jessica Ketel
    Starfish/Cricket Addisen Barber
    Snail/Cricket Caroline Haugo
    Slug/Puppeteer Matayah Yellow Mule
    Octopus/Otter Abby Stevens
    Octopus/Otter Madysen Abelseth
    Octopus/Otter Gretchen Lindenberg
    Silver Fish/Turtle Jack Stevens
    Silver Fish/Turtle José O. Morales Infante
    Silver Fish/Turtle Asher Wilkening
    Silver Fish Elora Randall
    Silver Fish Poppy Stevens
    Silver Fish Quincy Hibbard
    Puppeteer Brennan Barber
    Puppeteer Racie Little Bald Eagle
  • Production Team

     Director  Justin Speck
     Stage Manager  Libby Williams
     Assistant Stage Manager  Shay Kyrcil
     Music Director  Kaleb Wilkening
     Choreographer  Richard Rigmaiden
     Set Designer  Rodger Hartley & Justin Speck
     Light Designer  Jason Reuter