Auditions for Lombardi

LombardiLombardi by Eric Simonson; Based on the book When Pride Still Mattered— A Life of Vince Lombardi, Written by David Mar

6 Characters (five men, one woman)

Auditions will be held at 6:30pm on September 16 and 17, 2013 in the Studio Theatre at the Rapid City Performing Arts Center. Please come prepared for cold-readings from selected scenes and cuttings from the play. All characters in the play are based on real people, except for Michael McCormick. This is a character-driven play, so I will be looking for strong attacks on character. Make bold choices and have FUN!

VINCENT LOMBARDI (late 40’s – 50’s) The legendary and inspirational American football coach who led the Green Bay Packers to win five NFL championships and two Super Bowl victories from 1959 to 1967. He is incredibly passionate about the game (and winning), which makes him a very difficult coach and an even more difficult husband. To say he has a bit of a short- temper would be an understatement, but deeply below the harsh exterior is a warm and passionate man. Must be a motivator, an incredible speaker and a man with priorities in life: football, religion, family— in that order. Michael describes him as, “the most imperfect, perfect man I ever met.”

MICHAEL McCORMICK (20’s – early 30’s) This story is told through the eyes of Michael who is an ambitious, relentless, enthusiastic and inquisitive reporter on his first major assignment for Look Magazine. He’s intrigued by Lombardi’s coaching methods and wants to find out what exactly makes the Green Bay Packers win— especially after a rousing speech from their coach! He desperately needs a big break in his career. His father was very domineering and also a writer.

MARIE LOMBARDI (40’s – 50‘s) The devoted, but often times neglected, wife of Vince Lombardi. The one person who could take his worst bark and, if she chose, give it right back to him. She is the only person who could really challenge Lombardi. A troubled woman who has turned to chain-smoking and alcohol abuse as a means of escaping the disappointments in her life and her marriage to Vince. The audience must sympathize with her, so it is important to show that she is a very strong, loving woman despite her conflicted emotions and flaws.

DAVE ROBINSON (late 20’s – early 30‘s) The Green Bay Packers’ powerful outside linebacker. The team representative. Perhaps the most vocal of the three. Robinson was a representative for the Player’s Association which attributed to his influential voice for the team.

PAUL HORNUNG (30’s – 40‘s)

The Green Bay Packers’ running back who is often injured. A trouble-maker off the field. Nicknamed “The Golden Boy” and was widely considered Lombardi’s most versatile player. He was a vital piece of the “Power Sweep” and one-half of the “Thunder & Lightning” pair with Jim Taylor. Hornung relates to Michael.

JIM TAYLOR (30’s – 40‘s) The Green Bay Packers’ fullback. Other half of the “Thunder & Lightning” pair with Paul Hornung. Extremely professional football player with a soft-spoken nature and a knack for taking injuries with pride. Out of the three football players in the show, Taylor is the most dominant. He is the most reluctant to allow Michael to interview any of the players or Lombardi himself.

Jeffrey A. Smith