Les Miserables’


Jean Valjean – Jamie DeWitt,

Javert – Peter Roth,

The Bishop of Digne – Blake Benson (and other roles as assigned),

Fantine – Kory Yamada,

The Foreman – Greg Brandriet (and other roles as assigned),

Bamatbois – Michael Kraklio (and other roles as assigned),

Fauchelevant – Dave L’Esperance (and other roles as assigned),

Little Cosette, Fantine’s Daughter – Anna DeWitt,

Thenardier – Kevin Plooster,

Madame Thenardier – Michelle Martinson,

Young Eponine, the Thenardier’s daughter – Sophia DeWitt,

Gavroche – Stephen Dewitt,

Eponine – Sarah DeWitt,

Cosette – Holly Knox Perli,


Thenardier’s Gang:

Montparnasse – Jake Babbe (and other roles as assigned),

Babet – Rhyon Ingalls (and other roles as assigned),

Brujon – Brian Johnson (and other roles as assigned),

Claquesous – Joey Lore (and other roles as assigned),


The Students:

Enjolras – Barry Longden,

Marius – Max Downs,

Combeferre – Seth Engle,

Feuilly – Adante Carter,

Courfeyrac – Kris Monroe,

Joly – Richard Rigmaiden,

Grantaire – Jacob Roman,

Lesgles – Samuel McKinney,

Jean Prouvaire – Seth Goodro,


*The Chorus:

(chain gang, factory workers, lovely ladies, sailors, customers, guests, the poor, beggars, etc.)

*special note: Not all chorus members will be on stage for all of the chorus numbers! This will be assigned and grouped according to scenes at the first couple of rehearsals. Many of the chorus members have solo singing lines!),

Lovely Ladies: (and other roles as assigned),

Rachel Carroll,

Mariah Griggs,

Erin Hoyle-Tifft,

Paula Kennison,

Dennyce Korb,

Shekendra Morgan,

Elaine Romero-Douglas,

Peggy Vidal,

Jackie Waldie,


Factory Workers: (and other roles as assigned),

Marnie Baylor Gould,

Valerie DeWitt,

Grace Dobbs,

Jane Doyle,

Erin Goetzinger,

Kristol McKie,

Hannah Lessly,


Orphans & the Poor: (and other roles as assigned),


Jeremiah Arnett,

Joey Bader,

Mark Carroll,

Ben Chleborad,

Andrew DeWitt,

Matthew Vidal,


Anna Fleming,

Mercedes L’Esperance,

Audrey Perli,

Olivia Perli,

Bailey Quade,

Jenna Severson,

Hunter Widvey,

Judy Williams